TIP for Netbooks with small SSDs – move data to SDHC card or other external storage [Netbook]

Many people still go for the SSDs models for netbooks due to their rugged nature and more reliability. Manufactures often go for the SSDs with smaller storage capacities to keep the price of the netbooks down. The user of the netbook often has to face storage problems. I advice all of these users to use these tips to have some more free storage memory on their netbook.

Move location of “My Documents” to storage card: Do this by right-clicking on “my documents”>properties and change the target

Move the TEMP files to RAMdisk

  1. Press ‘windows’+break
  2. Go to advanced tab
  3. Click on Environment Variables
  4. For User Variables TEMP and TMP, edit and change it to R:/Temp where R: is our RAMdisk
  5. Do the same for System Variables TEMP and TMP too

Also, I would advice the users to use the RAMdisk to keep their device clutter-free. Move the Temporary internet files and firefox’s cache to the RAMdisk for performance and storage gains.

For IE:

  1. Go to Tools>Internet Options
  2. Under Temporary Internet Files, click on Settings
  3. Click on Move Folder and select R:/IEtemp


Type browser.cache.disk.parent_directory in the filter box. If it does not exists, make one and give it this value R:BrowserCache and restart firefox

Here “R:” means your RAMdisk. Learn more about RAMdisk here.