Toshiba has got company! HTC too going to launch Snapdragon and Intel Atom based devices [Windows Mobile]

Looks like HTC is not going to be left behind the 1GHz game started by Toshiba, who launched it’s little baby, TG01 a couple of days back. The HTC is expected to launch Snapdragon-based devices in the second quarter this year. According the various sources, the HTC will be nearly 1 quater behind the Toshiba’s Snapdragon device.

But the HTC is not alone in the game. Samsung, LG, Quanta, Acer, Asus and many other companies have signed up to get the Snapdragon range of processors from the Qualcomm.

Here is something more interesting:  HTC is also working on devices that use the Intel Atom platform. If these devices involve mobile devices, then the HTC would be the first company in the world to unveil a cellular phone with Intel Atom processor. There is also another possibility though. HTC netbooks anyone?


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