WMLongLife – save battery and gonads too! [Windows Mobile]

It is not a new theory that when the batteries in our devices consume power, they also emit electromagnetic radiation. One may ask a question. Why were the people in the past did not worry about it? The answer is simple. The connectivity radios that were used in those times did not emit the amount of radiation the current radios like 3G and 3.5 radios do. 3G networks do provide us with great speeds. But, they emit more radiation too. Although, it is a moot point whether the radiation is actually harmful, but we cannot deny the fact that less radiation is something that we would all prefer.

Also, less radiation means less power consumption and thus better battery life too! A genius at Xda-devs, Chainfire has come up with an application which actually switches your device to 2G mode when your device goes in standby mode. The email services that run in the backgroud then use the 2G radio (EDGE or GPRS) to fetch your email. Now, here comes the most facinating part:  when you fire the web browser application, Opera Mobile, it will automatically switch to 3G mode. Again, when your devies goes into standby mode, it will again switch to 2G mode only.

It occurs to me, why did not no manufacture or OEM think of it so far ?! Especially when the application promises to save the gonads!

Note: This works on ONLY HTC devices with Qualcomm MSM-series processor and should be a GSM device

Note2: the application is still in it’s infancy stage.


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