Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review: Is it any good?

This is the review of Magix Vegas Movie Studio, an is an excellent video editing app that is great for both amateur and professionals. Installation was simple and straightforward. Just make sure you have a gig of space free on your computer. While I have some video editing experience, I never had used a professional video editing app like Vegas Movie studio, Adobe Premier Pro etc. But the app has pretty amazing built in tutorial which guides you like a little kid.

Magix Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review

The user interface is made of many windows and elements which can frighten some but soon you will realize how easy this app is. There is a track header, timeline, explorer window which is home to various tabs that bring up video FX, transitions and so on.

Compared to the previous iterations of this software, there are a number of improvements. The interface is much more customizable than before so you can make it yours. For instance, if you do more audio editing, you can customize it to show more audio controls. Another very interesting feature is Hover Scrub which is designed to make the entire editing process faster. There is an improved RAM preview feature as well which you can use to cache video frames. You can integrate upto four cameras in a single timeline event which is great for those who do multi-camera editing.


You will love its dark interface which looks both modern and sophisticated. I had no problem importing, editing and exporting my videos which were a collection of MOV and MP4 files recorded by my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy android phone. You can also work with 4K UHD files. Unfortunately, there is no support for 360 VR content but since that is a niche feature right now, it’s not a big deal.

Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review

I like how easy it is to do basic editing. Just drag and drop the files into timeline and use the features like split, slim, shuffle to edit it. If you get stuck somewhere, you can use the excellent built-in help feature.

So should you buy it? Absolutely. It is cheap and makes you a professional video editor in no time.