What Can Windows Mobile learn from iPhone?

For many of the windows mobile enthusiasts, the iPhone may be a toy. But, is there anything Windows mobile devices can learn from the iPhone? I think a lot can be learnt.

What Can Windows Mobile learn from iPhone

Not allowing the providers to mess up with the device: This is the main cause, why people turn to cooked ROMs. They put in so much of useless stuff. In the end, the user gets a device full of crap. He gets frustrated and has to void his warrenty due to it. Why not put an end over putting so much useless stuff and put in just a theme and their ringtone? I guess that is enough to tell people that it is being sold by cingular, at&at etc.

Not allowing OEMs to put trash in the devices: A totally different problem arises here. I would to repeat what Alex(founder of webIS.net) said. The OEMs should not be allowed to mess with the core code. They should not be allowed to change the libraries; remove the libraries or change something which is normal to all windows mobile devices. This just makes making applications more difficult for the software houses. They need to test their application on every single device in the market. Why? Just because they are not assured that if the application is running fine on one device, it will run fine on other device too. The reason behind this is the companies messed up the core OS code preventing these applications to run fine.

Storage Memory: Come on! It is 2008! All the devices that come in the market follow a similar trend every year. Last year, it was 128MB ROM+64MB RAM. This year, it has been 256MB ROM+128MB RAM. iPhones have come in 4GB and 8GB versions. With iPhone 3G, it has been increased to up to 16GB. Sure, we can increase the capacity via micro-SDs, but, they can never be relied upon. Also, it is a lame excuse to provide such low capacity.

Simplicity: It should have two today screen layouts. One iPhone style: just tap and launch your favorite application. Second choice should be classic windows mobile interface for the professionals. Yes, I know that iPhone-style launchers are still available but these things should be built-in. Microsoft obviously won’t want only the professional/executive class to be the only users.

Make use of that ‘Windows Update’ feature: Microsoft said at many occasions(at launch of WM5, WM6 and  WM6.1) that the ‘windows update’ feature will be used to provide upgrades to the devices. It could include dot ROM enhancements too, say it could introduce the enhancements of WM6.1 in WM6. Unfortunately, this feature has NEVER(!) been used. According to me, it can be put to great use. Through this, the Microsoft can easily introduce features in the existing devices without bothering the OEMs and carriers.

Stability: This has always been an issue with windows mobile. People have been complaining and whining about the stability of the windows mobile platform since it was released. For example: Multi-tasking has been the one of the main features of the windows mobile devices, but, the stability has always been a concern. The more applications you run concurrently, the more are the chances of your device of getting unstable. Also, since the close button actually does not close, this further increases instability.

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