What exactly do I use everyday?

I own a custom made desktop. Honestly, I don’t use it much. Why? Answer is silly, but it is because I cannot use it on my bed, toilet(!) etc. Had I bought the EEE before my desktop, it just wouldn’t have been there gathering dust.

So, what do I use in day-to-day life?

What exactly do I use everyday?

So, what do you see in the above pic?

  1. A black Asus EEE non-surf
  2. HTC P4350(herald)
  3. Nokia E61i
  4. Acer Aspire laptop

I use my Asus EEE for programming on-the-go, which may sound odd for many. Frankly speaking, I find the EEE’s keyboard quite spacious when compared to the UMPCs like Fujitsu U810, SONY UX etc. The only one that comes close to EEE’s keyboard and EEE’s size is Kohjinsha’s SH8/SH6(aka Vye S37).

Speed on my laptop is just near to 85 WPM and on EEE, it is 75WPM, which is wonderful for a netbook