Which is best free data recovery software?

Are you looking for best free data recovery software that lets you recover data? Meet the EaseUS Data Recovery that lets you recover deleted or corrupted data from almost any type of source. This exhaustive list includes USB flash drive, lost partition, SSD, portable hard disk and even digital camera. It has several easy-to-follow instruction that let you recover your data with ease, no matter the type of media being used.

free data recovery software

This is immensely useful for someone who accidently their data or had a hard drive failure. It is also great if your system suffered from virus attack and you want back to get back to normal without going through the process of reinstalling operating system, application and then tweaking the system according to your needs. It is indeed the ultimate data recovery software packing every single feature that you would ever need.

EaseUS data recovery is extremely easy to use. Just install it from official website and it would only take few seconds to install. Start the app and select type of files you want to recover. For instance, if you the memory card of your camera got corrupted and you want to get only the pictures back, select “pictures”. This can make recovery process faster as the software will discard other file types.


Now, select the drive and type of device you wish to recover. It will then do a quick scan of the files you can recover. I particularly love the feature where it shows you a preview of the data that can be recovered.

In case you are unable to find the file(s) you are looking for, no need to fret as there is a deep scanning feature. This takes considerably more time as it searches each block for the recoverable data. After that, simply use this free data recovery software by clicking on Recover button. You will be asked to specify the destination. This should be different from source drive. For instance, if you are recovering a memory card, specify a drive of your computer and do not select the memory card.


There is a feature to save the list of recoverable files in case you are not ready to execute recovery process. Then, when you are ready, simple import the recovery file list and start recovery process again. EaseUS Data Recovery wizard is the most feature rich data recovery software there and you won’t regret any bit of it. Apothetech.com recommends it.