Binance did insider trading of FXS and other tokens

binance insider trading

It appears that Binance had been doing insider trading of many tokens such as buying them a week or two before official listing. One such example can be seen in case of FXS token where Binance wallet, funded with $53,000 from Binance did only thing – buy FXS token on Uniswap and it continued to do so in small quantities for 6-days straight. 

It shall be noted that it completely appears to be some insider member who did it since $53,000 is not a huge amount for a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. But, the amount is good enough to book a strong profit since the token would have propelled many thousand percent after Binance listing. Binance listed FXS, as expected. 

Anyway, the address which bought FXS token from Uniswap then sent them to Binance to book an amazing profit. 

This is only example, with another account which bought 131 Ethereum of TVK token, just two days before official Binance listing, doubling his Ethereum stack without even touching the exchange. 

What we do not know is the relationship of this insider with the Binance exchange, but we can definitely say he had pretty amazing and accurate relationship with the one responsible for listing.