Computer switcher dock with USB, HDMI ports, HDCP support


If you have multiple computers on your desktop and want to use a same set of peripherals for both, this is the dock you are looking for. Sanwa SW-KVM2DK is a computer switching dock that allows two PCs or Macs to share and operate one set of peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. The price is quite hefty though – 310 USD.

Sanwa SW-KVM2DK PC switcher features 5x USB 3.0 x 3, USB 1.1 x 2 for your old peripherals, speaker input, and microphone input. By connecting one PC with USB Type-C and the other PC with HDMI + USB Type-B, you can share and use multiple peripheral devices. The video is 4K/60Hz and also supports HDCP 2.2.

As mentioned earlier, the Sanwa SW-KVM2DK is compatible with Windows and Mac. There is no word on Linux support though, but we are told Sanwa SW-KVM2DK works on a combination of Windows and Mac – so if you have one Mac and one Windows computer, you are good to go. Please note that keyboards with N-key rollover function, such as gaming keyboards, and hub ports installed on keyboards cannot be used.

For power, use a dedicated AC adapter since there would be quite a lot of load on the little dock. In addition, by connecting a separate adapter that supports USB PD, it is possible to supply up to 100W of power to USB Type-C devices.

The main body size of Sanwa SW-KVM2DK measures 150 x 85 x 25 mm, and the weight is approximately 396 grams.