ECS Liva Mini PC and Alexa headset launched at Computex 2018

ECS Liva Mini PC

ECS Elitegroup at Computex 2018 is pretty much about Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa, but it’s also about Liva’s in-house ultra-compact PCs. At the Computex stand at ECS shown there are the first Liva systems with integrated touchscreen and integrated battery. The reason: They should be able to control Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, even away from the Android smartphone or their own echo systems. Of course, all features that Alexa offers are supported. It is possible, among other things, playing music, controlling smart home devices and of course ordering at Amazon via voice control.

The whole thing is even driven by its own headset. This latches itself via wireless LAN into the domestic network and thus also gets access to Alexa. This allows the voice assistant to be conveniently controlled from the sofa and to make the music selection via it. The headset will be available in two different versions during the year, one in a cheaper standard version and one as a premium version with improved sound characteristics and integrated noise cannellation on the microphone.

The small ultra-compact PCs were launched as well. These are called Liva. Two models were up for display at the Computex 2018 booth. Both the Liva Q2 and Liva Z2V with its own graphics solution for video coding were displayed. It uses a Pentium SoC, up to 8 GB of RAM and an integrated eMMC memory. The exact performance data and configurations of all models will be announced in the coming weeks.

ECS Elitegroup wants to promote its compact Liva PCs in the B2B area. At the Computex stand, possible application scenarios will be shown, for example the control of displays in the subway or as a communication center in bus and train. In addition, they want to step up into the automotive sector and work together with vehicle manufacturers. Whether this works, we will known in coming months.