Followers Gallery Review – Get Instagram followers and likes easily

Instagram is one of most popular social media networks out there. A lot of people have achieved immense fame and recognition through Instagram. Followers Gallery is an application that lets Instagram users get followers and likes hassle-free.

Its app is available for free both iOS and Android and you can use it to create strong community around you or your brand.

To get started, download Instagram followers mod apk if you are an android user. Incase, you use iPhone, download the app from app store.

Once you have download this app, create an account by filling in the details and tapping on Sign Up. If you already have an account, simply click on log in.

Once you have signed up, log in and add your Instagram account(s) to Followers Gallery. You can add up to five accounts.

Then, tap on icon with person on it. This will take you to Get Followers page. Here you can choose between either daily plan or one-time plan. Daily plan automatically adds certain amount of followers to your Instagram account every day.

One-time plan, as name suggests, lets you add certain amount of followers in one-go. This is a non-repetitive option. You might have noticed that you need coins to pay for Instagram followers and likes.

These coins can be purchased for nominal prices from third tab. For instance, 4000 coins can be bought for $2.99, 12000 coins for $5.99 and so on. There are myriad promotions that get you certain amount of free coins with packages.

Coins can be purchased using PayPal, Visa, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Mastercard. There is no requirement to spend coins in one go. You can store them inside app for future use. We suggest buying a decent amount in one go in order to avoid PayPal or credit card fees.

Once you have chosen a plan, one-time or daily, you can check progress by visiting last tab, task list.

So, those were the steps for buying Instagram followers but what about Instagram likes? For this, visit second tab that bears a heart shape.

There is no daily plan for getting free Instagram likes but there are several one-time plan that let you get thousands of likes instantly. Buy likes according to your requirements. Coins can be used for both buying both followers and likes.

All free Instagram followers and likes are real. No bots are involved here. So, you can be rest assured that real people are liking and following you. Followers are added within 24 hours.

If you face any issue, feel free to visit Followers Gallery’s contact section to get in touch with their 24/7 customer service.

Followers Gallery is 100% safe way to get Instagram likes and followers. There is no risk involved and it works well on both android and iOS platforms. For iOS, you need to be running at least iOS 12. App size is under 50MB which means it barely takes up any space on your device.