Install stock ROM on Lenovo Pad Pro 2021 TB J716F

If you ever flashed some sort of custom software or firmware, you will have to install stock rom on your Lenovo Pad Pro 2021 TB-J716F. Just keep in mind that you will loose all data stored on your android tablet once you flash the stock ROM on android tablet. 

Lenovo Pad Pro 2021 stock rom

You will require a PC running windows; ADB-tool, stock ROM and QFIL tool and its driver installed. 

Boot Lenovo Pad Pro in EDL-Mode. Now, there are two ways. 

If Lenovo Pad Pro is fully booted: use adb command “adb reboot edl”

If Lenovo Pad Pro is off or can’t be booted: press the volume up button and hold, plug the usb cable into the Lenovo Pad Pro and PC and wait a few seconds

Now this should appear in your device manager:

Start the QFIL-Programm, it should detect the port with the same name.

Go to “Configuration” -> “FireHose Configuration”. At device type select “ufs” and tick “Reset After Download” then press ok. 

Back in the main window select “Programmer Path” and browse to the ROM-Folder, select the file “prog_firehose_ddr.elf”.

Select “Content XML” and browse to the ROM-Folder, select the file “contents.xml”

Click “Download Content” and wait, may take a few minutes

After its done, this status message should a appear and the Lenovo Pad Pro should reboot.

And that is it, stock ROM would boot now on Lenovo Pad Pro 2021.