iQOO Neo5 screen has 120Hz refresh rate and 1000 Hz sampling rate

iQOO Neo5 is its first flagship that comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor. Its screen has refresh rate of 120Hz and 1000 Hz sampling rate. Brightness is 1300 nits which makes it one of brightest displays in market.

iQOO Neo5

Each screen on iQOO Neo5 color-calibrated and uniformly calibrated. 120Hz refresh rate and 1000Hz instant touch sampling rate ensure smooth gaming experience. Contrast ratio can reach 6 million:1 and it also has HDR 10+ display certification.

This makes Neo5 display one of best in market. iQOO Neo5 also comes standard with 66W fast charging, which can charge it in only 30 minutes. This makes this android phone fastest charging Snapdragon 870 smartphone.

Since this is a chinese phone, we are expecting it to around same or less price than similarly priced OnePlus phones with snapdragon 870 chipset. iQOO also uses a separate display chip to implement MEMC motion calculation and compensation technology, which can calculate the transition frame between the two frames of the game through powerful computing power.

Compared to previous iQOO android phones, display refresh rate has been increased from 90FPS to 120FPS, bringing great gaming experience.