HP first multi-touch Tablet PC: HP TouchSmart TX2

Now You don’t have to wait for hybrid Tablet PC with multi-touch digitizer screen. HP is bringing the mighty Tablet PC TouchSmart TX2, which is going to be a refresh of the HP tx2500 Tablet PC. It is a powerful Tablet PC, which has capacitive digitizer, which uses the same technology that is used in iPhone.

So, HP has finally decided not to make people wait for the multi-touch technology in Windows 7. But, according to me, the most impressive part of TX2 is its price. It is just starting at $1199!. And just look at the specs you get for that little price: Continue reading “HP first multi-touch Tablet PC: HP TouchSmart TX2”

Canonical bringing Ubuntu to ARM-powered devices

It was inevitable, really – now that ARM processors are bound for netbook and the like, it follows logic that ARM would tag team with Canonical to bring Ubuntu to their shells. The two firms have collaborated in order to bring full Ubuntu Desktop operating system to the ARMv7 Processor architecture to address demand from device manufactures.

Sadly, you’ll have to wait until April of 2009 to see the fruits of this so-very-special relationship.


Centrino 2-based gaming laptop

Germany-based Cizmo is offering an Intel Centrino 2-based gaming laptop that shows what’s in store for mobile gamers this summer.

Intel’s newest crop of Centrino 2 Montevina mobile processors are slated for a July 14 rollout and will include the Extreme X9100 processor: the first Penryn-class mobile processor to break the 3.0GHz barrier.

Cizmo CX1730M packs an Extreme X9100 mobile processor
(Credit: Cizmo)

The Cizmo 17-inch CX1730M can be configured with an Intel X9100 Extreme processor running at 3.06GHz. A key feature of Intel X-class mobile processors is that they are designed to be overclocked. Continue reading “Centrino 2-based gaming laptop”