HP wants to use Intel Atom processors in the regular Notebooks.

HP is reportedly in negotiations with Intel to use the Intel Atom processor in the regular notebooks. Sadly, it would be difficult to do so as the Intel Atom was made to be run only on the netbooks and due to the restriction that they are allowed to be used only in the devices with 10.2″ or less, HP is going to have a hard-time convincing the Intel to use the Atom in their regular notebooks.

HP wants to use Intel Atom processors in the regular Notebooks

Well, it is true that the Intel don’t want the OEMs and companies to use the Intel Atom processor in the regular notebooks. But, the Dell mini 12 is a 12.1″ Netbook, which uses regular notebook resolution too (1280 x 800) uses hte Intel Atom processor. So, this means that Intel has infact allowed some companies to use Intel Atom processor in some devices.

Is the market ready for the netbooks breaking into 13-inch+ category? Well, not all people need the power of the Core 2 Duo or Dual-Core processors. Majority of the Notebook users use their devices for Internet and for running office productivity applications. Intel Atom has no problem running them.

HP has a great brand image and with high volume sales, HP may be able to get Intel convinced.

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MSI VR705 – for Big Vision and Great Performance

MSI VR705 features in 17″ ACV widescreen display, which can display multiple windows, so you can work and watch movie with your family at the same time. Featuring slim appearance, along with a weight of at most 3.2kg (including battery), MSI VR705 is much more portable than other 17″ notebooks in the market. Not only provides top Operation Performance with Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, but also provides multimedia functions, VR705 is ideal for any environment, whether home, office, or school. With MSI exclusive ECO Engine, the outstanding and unique power saving management function, VR705 could extends the battery running time while performing different tasks. VR705 applied the exterior with an Aerodynamic and Elementary design, also concealing all the openings at the connecting edges.

With 1440×900 High-Resolution for the 17 inch LCD monitor, VR705 enables you to open many windows applets at once. Furthermore, the high accuracy board materials to go along with 1440× 900 High-Resolution can perfectly portraying a picture’s detail, letting you pleasantly enjoy at all times. Besides, built-in with a 1.3 mega pixel webcam and an internal mic, the VR705 enables you to engage in real-time sharing and live-video. Additionally, VR705 has a 4-in-1 card reader, and 3 well distributed USB 2.0 ports, facilitating connection with various types of computer peripherals.

We will post about it more as we come to know more about it

ASUS P552W Review – I am fast baby!

When was the last time you used a fast device? Let me say, a really fast device! If you have been an old Windows Mobile user, your memories may roll back to the Windows Mobile 2003 days. Well, ASUS has come up with the ASUS P552W, a device equipped with a very powerful Marvell Tavor 624MHz CPU promising super fast performance and with sleek and slim design, looks like ASUS has product that promises to be a winner among people.


All the usual stuff came into box. The box is simple and packaging is not similar to the ones of HTC. No HTC Diamond style box. Nothing flashy.

ASUS follows plain Jane approach: giving user simple experience while unboxing.

Following are the contents of the box:

  • ASUS P552W
  • mini-USB earphones
  • Charger
  • mini-USB cable (not ext-USB that the HTC uses)
  • 2 CDs: application CD and Activesync CD
  • 1100mAh battery
  • Glide user-interface guide
  • and some more papers


The ASUS has followed the latest trend. The ASUS P552W follows the minimalistic design approach of not crowding the device with tonnes of buttons. It comes in black or white color. The unit I got was white in color. The body of it is shiny. So, it picks up fingerprints pretty easily. But, since the color is white, they are barely noticable. This may not be the case with the black unit.

On the left side, you can find the volume button, GPS antenna. On the top, you can find the power button. Continue reading “ASUS P552W Review – I am fast baby!”

Lenovo Thinkpad W700 – find my second screen if you can!

At first look, it looks like just another (bulky) (ugly) Lenovo laptop. But, this is one is different. It hides something that most of the other laptops don’t posses so far. It has a huge 10.2″ display hidden underneath the palm rest. Lenovo has worked very hard on the Thinkpad W700 to make it a super laptop. Beside the it’s hidden weapon, the 10″ screen, it comes with Intel Quad-core processor and internal color calibrato, which makes it a true mobile workstation!

If that was enough, it comes with NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M and 3700M Open GL graphics processors that give this beast up to 1 GB of dedicated video memory.

Regarding price, it costs a modest $3000!

Click here to visit W700 official page

Quick Look: Introducing the Palm Store – do not get too excited

Well, we definitely wanted it to be one to rival the Apple’s App Store. Sadly, this is not the case here. When I heard the “Palm Store” word a couple of days ago, I thought finally in Windows Mobile world, somebody has done something which should have been done a long time back.


It certainly rose my hopes a lot when I downloaded the 1.1MB exe from Palm’s website. I executed it on my PC and it installed a TINY 28KB application on my HTC Diamond. It obviously made me wondered how could Palm integrate the whole application in a tiny 28KB CAB file!

Alright, it installed it on my device and it looked very promising especially with that cart icon. I still had a lot of hopes with the 28KB application :)

Continue reading “Quick Look: Introducing the Palm Store – do not get too excited”

Dell mini 12 now comes with Windows XP and Ubuntu option

Until now we knew that the Dell’s Inspiron Mini 12 came only with Windows Vista Basic. This was not a nice thing to do on Dell’s part as not everyone is a fan of Windows Vista Netbook. Looks like Dell has listen to the people’s wants and has now made available the Mini 12 in both Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.04.1.

As for pricing, the Ubuntu-based model is available at  $499 while the Windows XP is priced at $549.

This is a great news as I’m not myself a big fan of running Vista on such a weak 12″ netbook especially the Vista Basic which does not have the Aero Engine. Windows XP is a great performer on the netbooks. Wise move Dell!

Dell website link

WVGA – 800 x 480 resolution is best resolution for mobile browsing

Jenn, over pocketables.net did a poll last week where she asked people to vote for their favourable resolution with which they are comfortable browsing the web. Guess, who won? 55% of the readers vote for the 800 x 480 popularly known was WVGA (Wide VGA).

WVGA - 800 x 480 resolution is best resolution for mobile browsing

I voted for 1024 x 600 though. I personally find that resolution fit for the netbooks that I own. For browsing on my HTC Diamond, Opera Mobile does an excellent rendering of all the web pages that I visit(see this, this and this). No doubt that VGA resolution (640 x 480) came second in the poll. With the slew of windows mobile devices coming out with 800 x 480 resolution like HTC TOUCH HD and SE XPERIA X1, the web browsing on the mobile devices really becomes enjoyable as you have to do a lot less scrolling.

What are your thoughts?

HP first multi-touch Tablet PC: HP TouchSmart TX2

Now You don’t have to wait for hybrid Tablet PC with multi-touch digitizer screen. HP is bringing the mighty Tablet PC TouchSmart TX2, which is going to be a refresh of the HP tx2500 Tablet PC. It is a powerful Tablet PC, which has capacitive digitizer, which uses the same technology that is used in iPhone.

So, HP has finally decided not to make people wait for the multi-touch technology in Windows 7. But, according to me, the most impressive part of TX2 is its price. It is just starting at $1199!. And just look at the specs you get for that little price: Continue reading “HP first multi-touch Tablet PC: HP TouchSmart TX2”