Centrino 2-based gaming laptop

Germany-based Cizmo is offering an Intel Centrino 2-based gaming laptop that shows what’s in store for mobile gamers this summer.

Intel’s newest crop of Centrino 2 Montevina mobile processors are slated for a July 14 rollout and will include the Extreme X9100 processor: the first Penryn-class mobile processor to break the 3.0GHz barrier.

Cizmo CX1730M packs an Extreme X9100 mobile processor
(Credit: Cizmo)

The Cizmo 17-inch CX1730M can be configured with an Intel X9100 Extreme processor running at 3.06GHz. A key feature of Intel X-class mobile processors is that they are designed to be overclocked. Continue reading “Centrino 2-based gaming laptop”