OPPO Enco X Bamboo Rhyme Edition comes with Dolby 3.0 sound effects

OPPO Enco X, a customized version of Bamboo Rhyme, co-operated by OPPO and Beijing Love Decibel Foundation, is officially on sale at a price of $150.

OPPO Enco X Bamboo Rhyme Edition review

It is reported that at the recent OPPO Wisdom Life conference, OPPO released its flagship true wireless noise-cancelling headset-OPPO Enco X, with three colors of nocturne, white song, and bamboo rhyme. The difference from the past is bamboo rhyme The color scheme is a customized model jointly developed by OPPO and Beijing Love Decibel Foundation.

As the acoustic flagship, OPPO also cooperated with Dynaudio this time, with Dynaudio’s chief acoustic engineer for headphone tuning , not only equipped with Dolby 3.0 sound system, but also supports dual active noise reduction.

Enco X headphones use an innovative coaxial dual-unit design, and support four modes: strong and weak noise reduction, transparent and closed noise reduction.

Not only that, Enco X headset supports Bluetooth 5.2, the lowest latency of the headset end is 47ms, is compatible with iOS and Android, and supports single and double ear use.

In terms of battery life, the Enco X headset can play continuously for 25 hours when the noise reduction is off, and the subsequent flight with strong noise reduction is 20 hours. The headset box supports wireless charging.

At present, China is the country with the largest number of hearing impaired children in the world. Hearing defects not only affect their daily life and study, but also prevent them from communicating with other people normally. The best solution is to wear cochlear implants for these children. However, the price of the cochlea is unaffordable for some difficult families.

It is understood that OPPO has cooperated with the Love Decibel Charity Foundation to help 10 hearing impaired children replace cochlear implants in the first batch.

Students who are still hesitating to know which wireless noise-cancelling headphones to start with, may wish to learn about OPPO Enco X. While enjoying high-quality music, you can offer a love for public welfare.