Xiaomi desktop water dispenser released – Xiaomi desktop drinking machine price and specifications

Xiaomi desktop water dispenser

Xiaomi has officially announced that the Xiaomi desktop drinking machine will start a new crowdfunding on November 4, with a retail price of $226 and a crowdfunding price of $200.

The Xiaomi desktop drinking machine integrates the two functions of water purification and heating. It comes with a water tank. The desktop design eliminates cumbersome tasks such as installation. It can be used when plugged in. It can be used in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

The water dispenser has a built-in winding thick film heating module with a high power of 2100W, which can complete pure water heating in 3 seconds, and it is ready to drink.

The Xiaomi desktop drinking machine is equipped with commonly used modes such as “boiling water”, “milk”, “coffee”, and “normal temperature”. After connecting to the APP, you can customize the water outlet mode. The temperature within the range of 40℃-95℃ can be adjusted to 1℃, Can meet the daily needs of a variety of drinking water.


In addition, the Xiaomi desktop drinking machine comes with 3 cup sizes, including 150ml, 300ml and MAX. After connecting to the APP, the cup size can be freely set in the range of 80ml-1000ml.

The water dispenser is equipped with touch buttons, which can be used to switch the water outlet mode. It is also equipped with an OLED display, which can display water mode, water temperature, water volume, filter life and other information in real time.