Samsung On5 Pro vs On5 2015 model: On7 Pro vs On7 2015

Last year, back in October 2015, Samsung released Galaxy On5 and this year, they have released an updated version on it. Called the Samsung On5 Pro, this is more like an improvement of it and we would not call it a completely new phone. Same goes for Galaxy On7 whose newer, upgraded variant On7 Pro has been launched. Now which one should you get and are the new Pro models worth spending extra money?

on5 pro vs on5 2015

Galaxy On5 review, pros and cons

1) The only difference between the On5 and On5 Pro is use of 2GB RAM instead of 1.5GB and 16GB storage vs 8GB on On5 2015 model. Other than that, there is no change. We used the Samsung Galaxy On5 last year and we never found the RAM to be less. That said, 8GB storage was something we couldn’t bear.

On7 Pro vs On7 2015

Yes, it is easy to expand that storage using micro SD card slot but you cannot move the applications and games to the SD card so all you are left with is 4.3 GB of free storage on that 8GB flash. So bumping the storage to 16GB is a wise decision.

Samsung On7 Pro vs On7

2) Same goes for the On7 Pro which now comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. Nothing else has changed including the 4G LTE radios, processor, looks, chassis, battery size, screen size or resolution. Even the cameras are same. The back has some sparkles though but they look a bit too tacky and cheap. Plain faux leather back in black version that looked like Galaxy Note 3 looked better.

Galaxy On7 Gold and Black color options unboxing

Color choice has not undergone any change and Samsung continues to offer Galaxy On5 Pro and On7 Pro in two colors, black and gold. The above video showing unboxing of gold color On7. That said, the back of new gold color Pro models is shinier but not that different from outgoing model.

If you a businessman or professional, go with the black one. Since I have both colors, I can tell you black one looks more expensive than gold one.

Are these two new phones best 4G handsets in India under 10,000? Well the On5 Pro is retailing for INR 9190 on amazon India while the On7 Pro costs a tiny bit extra at 11,990. That said, there is nothing ‘pro’ about these two new Samsung android phones.

We wish Samsung had done more – like some tweaks in the design and addition of missing features like ambient light sense and better camera in On5 which still comes with eight mega pixel camera.