Your live data may still be alive in Google Searches!

“Google seems so friendly,” she said. “I don’t understand why they don’t do a better job protecting our data.”

Yes, these were the words of a lady whose data was stolen online. All she did was shopped for tickets online; make payments for her car loan. A keylogger logged her data and sent it online. Heck, it didn’t leave her online conversation with her friends.  She wasn’t aware of the keylogger.

After some months,  the authorities were made aware of the breach and the data was taken down from there server(s) , but there was one place where the data was still avaliable. Our best friend, Google :!:

“Google, like all search engines, is a reflection of the content and information that’s available on the Internet,” he said. “We actively work to keep users informed on how they can stay safe online.”

In this case, however, Google did remove the cached pages, but it took the company two tries to delete them.