Much required comparison – Will the ASUS 1000H replace my good ‘ol ASUS EEE PC 701?

When someone upgrades to something better and stronger, there is a feeling of comparing which always arises. Sooner or later, one may even question himself, if the upgrade was really required. If yes, then can both of the gadgets co-exist?

In my case, I got the ASUS EEE 1000H. I’ve two ASUS EEE 701s already, both upgraded to 2GB RAMs too. Let me get the comparison straight:

Where does 1000H towers overs 701:

REVIEW – ASUS EEE PC 1000H – the ultimate Netbook/Mini-Laptop so far!

There is so much rage in the netbook arena. With so many companies jumping into the Netbook arena, it definitely becomes difficult for the number one netbook manufacturer, ASUS to stay as the leader. With the ASUS EEE 1000H, it seems like they have made the ultimate netbook so far. Combined with fast processor, ample storage space, great upgrading options and EXCELLENT battery life, they seem to have got everything right

REVIEW - ASUS EEE PC 1000H - the ultimate Netbook/Mini-Laptop so far!

A little HISTORY

Last year, ASUS was the first one to introduce netbooks into the market. It was due to the Asus, the term netbook became popular. ASUS first came with the EEE PC 70x series which included 700, 701 and 702. Those models became very popular due to their low price tags; good build quality and ruggedness. After few months, it launched ASUS 900, which was similar to EEE 701 but with bigger(8.9″) and better screen(1024 x 600). Size increase was marginal too. After a month, they came out with EEE 901, which sported Atom processor and bigger battery. 901 is still selling very well. Some even said that the EEE PC 901 is the best balance of power and mobility.

I personally own two EEE 701s. They work very nice for me. I upgraded to 900, but returned it as it also had the exact keyboard as 701. It is not that I hate the keyboard of 70x series. It is great for 15min data entry but definately not for prolonged durations. I didn’t upgrade to 901 just due to one reason. The reason was that I have been yearning for a better keyboard. Sooner, my wish was answered by ASUS when they introduced the ASUS 1000H. According to ASUS, the keyboard of the 1000H is 95% of the normal laptop size keyboard. This makes me a happy camper for sure!


The EEE PC 1000H boots up very quickly. Definately, it boots faster than my 701 which has my personal nLited verson of XP professional. The EEE PC 1000H comes with Windows XP Home edition(too bad they don’t have XP professional option).

KEYBOARD = Perfect for typing and great for the bloggers

The size of the keyboard of the ASUS EEE PC 701 was just ok. It is perfect to enter small URLs and do some basic editing. If you had plans to write a lot on the keyboard, then, I would really not prefer you to write on the small keyboard of the 701.

On the other hand, the keyboard of the 1000H is simply fantastic. Infact, I’m writing the whole review on the keyboard of the ASUS 1000H. I feel like typing on the full keyboard. Asus claims that it is 95% of the full keyboard. The first time I started using this keyboard, I’d to make no adjustments at all. The keys are of good size and they have excellent tactile feedback.

1000H keyboad

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Everun Note review

Are we entering a new era of mobile computing where the UMPC could be the only computer you ever need? The processing module you can take anywhere? Raon Digital are breaking into exactly that category of converged mobile devices with the new and interesting Everun Note. Here at UMPCPortal we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of one of the first samples out of the door for some long term testing but after 4 days of hard but enjoyable testing, were ready to bring you the full review.

Chippy, at is very impressed with the Everun Note and so am I!

Head over to the to read the rull review

How to increase the performance of your ASUS EEE PC by using RAMdisk

ASUS EEE PC 70x, 900, 901 and so on uses SSD. True, some of the latest models are coming with Hard Disk Drives instead of SSD. I have always preferred SSD in such small mobile devices. Why? That I’ll be mentioning in my future posts. Let’s me come back to the topic.

How to increase the performance of your EEE PC by using RAMdisk?

First of all, why move content to RAMdisk?

  • to increase life of SSD
  • faster web-experience
  • very fast for copying and moving small amount of data
  • save precious space on your ASUS EEE PC

I guess the reasons above are enough. Now, Let’s implement the RAMdisk on the ASUS EEE PC.  Continue reading “How to increase the performance of your ASUS EEE PC by using RAMdisk”

WiFi not available on your ASUS EEE PC?

There are many instances when you have installed an OS on your EEE PC(say, windows XP) and your device is unable to even recognize find  the WiFi hardware. It has happened a lot of times with me and I went nuts. It even got me into thinking that it must be just plain bad luck that the unit I got was a bad unit.

But, all what had happened the the WLan(wifi) got disabled on it’s own in the BIOS. Here is how to enable it.

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Installing or Upgrading RAM in the ASUS EEE PC

The 700s(this includes 700 and 701) come with just 512MB of RAM. You may wish to upgrade the RAM in near future especially if you are using XP on it.

Let me clear facts about the RAMs before we install a new RAM module in ASUS EEE PC 700:

  • The RAM in 8G vesion is not upgradable
  • 2G-Surf versions are not upgradable as the RAM is soldered
  • Black 4G-surf versions have RAM access cover. White ones don’t have it
  • Warranty won’t get void if you do a RAM upgrade
  • ASUS won’t be responsible if anything goes wrong when you’re doing a RAM upgrade
  • In Xandros(with which it actually comes with) is hard-coded to recognize upto 1GB of RAM
  • So even if you put in a 2G RAM module, only 1GB will be visible in Xandros

Here are the pictures:

1) Carefully remove the “ASUS” sticker from the RAM access door*. Put it somewhere else so that you can put it again later on incase you want to send it back to Asus in case of some problem.

2) Remove the screws. Take extra care of the ‘holders’ of the RAM chip.

3) Gently, remove the RAM

4) Put in a new RAM. Make sure the holders are correctly placed

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Talking about EEE PC, I bought another EEE PC for fun!


Yesterday, I bought myself another EEE PC! I already had one, then one more? Well, I needed one for fun.

I’d $400 lying around. Just kidding. I needed one to do other stuff than programming. I thought once for Nokia N810 and iPod Touch too which were avaliable for the same price but didn’t go for them.

I just installed a 2GB RAM module on it and it is flying! :D

Another week, Another EEE PC announcement?

Chinese Asus site is showing a new EEE PC 900 with a 30GB HDD. I guess, they are learning something from the competition. But, I have a question for the ASUS. Are they crazy? They are going to confuse the potential customers with so many variations between the models! I took a screenshot from the chinese asus website:

Asus Eee Box Officially Announced in Hong Kong

Asustek Computer’s Eee Box will be launched today (July 14) in the Hong Kong market, according to sources at Asustek Hong Kong.

The initial model – the B202 – includes a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB DDR2 memory, 80GB hard drive and Linux operating system. The PC also supports Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11b/g/n, with some models also featuring Bluetooth. The chassis is available in four colors: white, black, cherry red and green.

The B202 is said to consume 20W per hour, is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, and is 16mm thick. The PC is priced at HK$2500 (US$320.36).


Fujitsu jumping into Netbook arena!

Looks like the Fujitsu could not stop itself from entering the prospering playground of Netbooks, where the players like ASUS and HP are controlling the market.

It seems to be an 8.9″ device. In the picture above, it is being compared to a 17″ laptop. Price is rumored to be around €299-€399. Please fujitsu, provide an XP option this time.

*photo courtesy of