Cheap extra attachable display for laptop

JN-MDO-IPS140FHD extra attachable display

We love quirky gadgets that help extend functionality of laptops especially while on the move. We also love mobile monitors that give us extra screen real estate. Japan Next has churned out mobile monitors JN-MDO-IPS116 11.6 inch and JN-MDO-IPS140FHD 14 inch that can be attached to the top of a laptop PC and quickly unfolded for use. They are pretty affordable too, costing $124 and $167 respectively.

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Computer switcher dock with USB, HDMI ports, HDCP support


If you have multiple computers on your desktop and want to use a same set of peripherals for both, this is the dock you are looking for. Sanwa SW-KVM2DK is a computer switching dock that allows two PCs or Macs to share and operate one set of peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. The price is quite hefty though – 310 USD.

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