Smart table with built in refrigerator

Loser Smart Table STB 90B

The name of this smart table is weird, but packs amazing features like USB charger, Bluetooth speaker and of course, as expected, a refrigerator. Called Loser Smart Table STB 90B, it is a smart desk that retails for ~$1100 USD.

This smart table is equipped with a 28L refrigerator. In other words, it can store about 1 shopping cart worth of items. The temperature range of the refrigerator part is between 33 to 12 degrees Celsius and -24 to -12 degrees Celsius for freezing.

Loser Smart Table STB 90B also has a built-in 20W Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music from your smartphone with powerful sound. Furthermore, Loser Smart Table STB 90B features variety of USB ports – Type-A x 2, Type-C x 1 USB port, and a 1,000W compatible outlet, allowing you to connect a variety of devices.

The main body size of Loser Smart Table STB 90B measures 105.5 x 58.5 x 46.3 cm, and the weight is approximately 45 kg. The load capacity of the top plate is approximately 200kg. Three body colors are available for the Loser Smart Table STB 90B – black, white, and wood.