Wireless network configuration just got a lot easier! The Wi-Fi Detective instantly detects wireless hotspots, and offers an LCD display for simplified hotspot monitoring, providing the information you need to situate your network clients. Plus, the Wi-Fi Detective acts as a wireless network adapter, turning a wireless station into a WLAN access point. Plus, this handy device is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that can be charged each time the detector is connected to a powered USB port.

Not only is the Wi-Fi Detective a WiFi detector but it can also be used as a USB wireless LAN adapter with transfer rates up to 54Mbps.

The rechargeable battery which can be charged through any USB port is perfect for mobile users

Price: $74.99

From: www.startech.com

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1.3 million people search for 6.9 million Apple iPhones

Nearly 7 million searches for Apple iPhone in a single month. That’s the surprising statistic to emerge from comScore, a company that specializes in measuring the digital world.

comScore has today released the results of a study into iPhone related searches. Conducted during the month of April and covering just the US market, it reveals that there were 6.9 million searches on related keywords during that period.

The full list of popular iPhone search terms is:

1. IPHONE (1,488,000)
2. IPHONE UPDATE (151,000)
3. IPHONE WEB APPS (118,000)
4. IPHONE MMS (101,000)
5. IPHONE 2.0 (75,000)
6. IPHONE 3G (60,000)
7. IPHONE 2 (59,000)
8. IPHONE G3 (43,000)
9. IPHONES (38,000)
10. IPHONE SPEAKERS (35,000)

“Speculation had been rampant in recent months that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was getting ready to introduce a 3G iPhone at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 9, and indeed he did just that,” said Dan Lackner, comScore Senior VP. “Search is frequently a harbinger of purchase intent. The increase in volume of iPhone searches demonstrates just how heavy that interest has been for the next generation of Apple’s popular phone – even when its existence was still just a rumor.”

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Installing VS.net on a EEE

I know there are a lot of programmers out there who have their eye on the little EEE as a little programming machine. It is a wide-known fact that it has a great keyboard. Infact, I do most of my blog enteries here via it and my fingers are absolutely fine!

In this post, I’ll explain how to install VS.net on a EEE 701. I’ll be using the 2003 version as that should be “ok” for the amount of processing our little EEE can do.

Please note that all the screeshots given below link to the original images.

As you can see, as soon as you run the setup.exe, you get a warning telling you that VS.net is meant to be run at a resolution of 800 x 600. Pressing ok will continue the resolution, but, you won’t be able to continue ahead. Why? That you’ll see very soon.

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Opera Mobile 9.5 beta to be released soon

Those of you who don’t know about the Opera Mobile 9.5,

Opera Mobile 9.5 will be based on the same browser engine as Opera 9.5 for desktop, and this is the reason why it has taken some time to get it ready. A new version of the browser engine will ensure that you can surf the Web with a browser supporting the latest and greatest in Web standards.

They promise to release the first beta on July 15, 2008. So, stay tuned!

End of an era as Bill Gates leaves microsoft and Announces Retirement plans

Bill Gates will retire from his day job as chief software architect of Microsoft

Gates said he is leaving gradually in order to smooth the transition of his duties to the two men who will assume them–chief technical officers Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie, who have been named chief software architect and chief research and strategy officer, respectively, effective immediately.

analysts say Bill Gates will be remembered as one of history’s great businessmen.

LOOKING BACK MOVING AHEAD.. Take a look at some interesting old memories. SOURCE

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Dual-display e-book concept. Makes sense?

Researchers at Maryland and Berkeley Universities developed a prototype dual-face, modular e-book reader that allows readers to fan pages to advance in a book or via trackball. If you’re doing some serious research, the displays separate from one another, allowing one to display in landscape mode while the other runs in portrait.

Hmm. Dual displays :P I really cannot say if they would be practical in real life usage. I mean, this makes sense while reading a book, but two displays? :/

Nominations for Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s Eighth Annual 2008 Best Software Awards Ready for Public Feedback

Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s 8th annual Best Software Awards helps users select the best Windows Mobile applications, utilities, and games, while honoring companies that produce outstanding software.

Throughout June, Nominations Manager, Werner (“Menneisyys”) Ruotsalainen, and the 2008 Board of Experts , developed the nominations list. Now, the preliminary list of Windows Mobile Windows Mobile nominations is ready for public viewing and comment.

End-users and Windows Mobile developers are welcome to make nominations suggestions from through July 16, 2008. The list will change daily (products may appear, disappear, and be re-categorized) until nominations are frozen on July 21.

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RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

The Swiss low noise cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING launched their latest RAM cooler ARCTIC RC earlier,providing a revolutionary RAM cooling solution for enthusiasts.To reinforce the cooling capacity of the ARCTIC RC,the company launched the RC TURBO MODULE on 17/06/2008, a dual fan cooler that reduces the RAM temperature even further.

RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

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